ShutterHugs Mission Statement

Our Mission- To combine the arts of poetry/sentiments and graphic design to develop products that honor and celebrate family, friends, military, civil servants and pets.


Mother and Son combine respective talent:

Carol is an empathetic grandmother with an innate talent to relate a myriad of emotions, primarily via poetry.

 She is the author of a children’s book “Color Really Doesn’t Matter,” and was commissioned by internationally acclaimed artist Gregory Perillo to embellish 30 works of art with corresponding poems. The result is an elegant print and poetry portfolio titled “Heartbeats Louder Than Drums.”

 Affectionately dubbed “Platoon Nana” by her granddaughter’s boot camp platoon, Carol is a passionate advocate for our military and a voice for societies most defenseless. In addition to crafting heart touching poems, she delights in relating and celebrating joyous occasions that mark birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, sports and various achievements.

Some of her most impassioned sentiments are directed at an escalating suicide rate among teens and the military (see Hold on Another Day, God Only Knows). LINK to be inserted

Her sincere sentiments and effective delivery have made her a popular speaker at military and veterans’ programs.

Brian: For 28 years, Brian owned and operated a premier Fine Art and Custom Framing Gallery.

The enlistment of his 18 year old daughter diverted his attention and passion from art to advocacy. He currently devotes his entire time and talent to developing and marketing poignant sentiments.

Brian’s extensive experience as a custom picture framer served as a spring board to launch an innovative concept he calls “Shutterhugs”, which he refers to as an emotional trifecta.

The emotional trifecta is created by artfully combining beautiful images with heartfelt sentiments crafted by Carol. Brian then adds an opening reserved for a personal photo, which he refers to as “The space only a loved one can fill”.